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St. Patrick's in Savannah

Forsyth Fountain

Every year since 1824, Savannah puts on this HUGE parade for St. Patricks Day. Even the fountain in Forsyth Park (as seen above) is tinged green for the festivities. The Babe and I attended the Historic District celebration after the parade last year, however, this year (against our better judgement), we attended the parade with some friends. We thought, why not? Who knows where we'll be next year? And, to be honest, despite the crowd and the smell of drugs and that guy with the wig of green weed (seriously, anything will pass in Savannah, I swear), we had a reletaively good time!

I couldn't help myself but to grap a snap shot of these guys. There's nothing like the sound of bagpipes on St. Patricks Day. Last year, George and I had a much different experience, but that's for another day. There is so much to see in this world! We have had trouble getting out to experience as much as we want because of George's schooling (homework, homework, homework!!!) and lack of money, but we are finding our way! Life is what we make it, and we've decided to start making it more fun.

I had way too much fun with my iphone camera downtown. I'm one of those wives that makes The Babe pause every five seconds to get a photo. Okay, maybe I'm not that obsessive, but just aobut! There is just something about photos that are timeless. They're lasting memories that stay long after you forget. I couldn't help but take this photo of The Babe because he has this "swagger." He walks so George-like. There's no other way to describe it. Not to mention the arcitecture of the Historic District and the Victorian Historic District is almost always photo-worthy.

One of the things I love most about Savannah, besides the history, are the TREES. There are so many and they are so old. Some of them have been around for hundreds of years. They have seen so much and have stood through it all. If trees could talk. :P Not to metnion the lovely spanish moss dripping from their branches. But, of course, the thing I love the most about Savannah is exploring it with The Babe. Not much beats a night out on the town walking along the river, the city lights glimmering in the river, the sound of street performers and my hand in his. Life is hard enough without recognizing these small moments and the beauty in each of them that God has granted us to experience in this life.

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