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Harbor Town

George and I started to realize we may only have about nine more months left here. As we came upon this bitter sweet realization, we decided to get out and see/do more around here than we've been able to make time for in the past. Now that George has been in grad. school for over a year, we finally have the guts to take small trips and brakes from homework. Yes, I mean WE.

Today we had the oportunity to finally head out to Harbor Town, South Carolina. It is this little town build in the late 1900s on Hilton Head Island, surrounded by the ritsy Seapines Resort. George and I are in love with Hilton Head, South Carolina. Something about it just feels so peaceful. Kind of like a vacation, which makes sense since it's a resort town . . .

I have been asking The Babe to take me here since we moved to good old Georgia. Finally, after hearing good things, I coaxed him to go with me. I have to say, it was charming, but we were a little dissapointed. I think it is because I had a whole yar to build this place up in my head for all I've read and heard. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad we saw it at least this once, but I'm not going to say we will be back any time soon.

Although, I do have to admit that if you had the time and money to hop on wave runner rental and pop over to the lighthouse for a tour and some dinner, it would be largely more intriguing. As we are trying to act as 'poor' college students, though, we opted out of all of the above and settled for a small lunch at the nearby bakery and cafe and a walk along the harbor.

Any time we are in that direction, though, we always make time for THE BEACH!! As a born west-northerner I am used to California beaches. Soft sand, grey water. Here, though, the sand is soft, but it is firm underfoot, so you can run or ride a bike much easier. There are so many tide pools (be warned they have tiny little squid in them at night and jellyfish by day) that house so much sea life and fun spots for kids. Even when it's windy and chilly, it's a nice spot to walk and talk along the shore. If you're lucky, you might even see a dolphin.

Someday soon we decided we ought to swim around and rent some bikes. Some ice cream might also be in order. I'll have to remind myself not to drop it in the sand . .

George wants to own a beach house here someday. Although, since I am afraid of water, I'm not so keen on the idea. But, with a good reading knook and a bike with a basket, think I could warm up to the idea. Afterall, I am a solar baby through and through! This girl likes her sunshine. Let's be honest. There's no better place to get sunshine in America than in the south. Especially when you're on the arm of your handsome beau.

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