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Sista Friends

I am lucky enough to have five amazing siblings and their five amazing spouses in my life. They have always been my examples and my extra 'mothers' and 'fathers.' But most of all when I need one, they are always willing to be my friend. No matter how weird things get.

I am blessed to live only four hours from one of my Sisters. The rest of our siblings live about 2500 miles away, so it's been fun to have her so close. But one of my other sisters decided to come out and pay us a visit. I only had 24 hours with them and it was so worth it!

I hadn't seen Camyll since Thanksgiving. So, needless to say, I was rather excited.

Of course we HAD to do a downtown walk-through of Savannah's Historic District and get Leapold's Ice Cream. (YUM). Chrystal is a history buff like me, but Camyll isn't so much. But she was a good sport in following Chrystal and I around as we shared our knowledge. The Babe was along for the ride, too. He even made it in time for some ice cream.

I kicked myself for not taking more pictures. I was just caught up in all the fun. That is one thing we know how to do in our family - - have fun. George used to tell me when we were first married that he was positive we made up excuses to family get-together's and parties. There is just so much in life to celebrate! And sisterhood is one of them.

Camyll, like me, is afraid of water. So, we coaxed each other into the ocean. Of course the one day she is here at the beach, we see a shark not twenty feet off the shore. Needless to say, we were on pins and needles whenever in the water. Especially since you can't see anything in the South East Atlantic.

Somehow, squished in my small apartment, the four of us, a toddler, and a dog - we had fun. Probably too much. We went our separate ways after the day at the beach. I felt so refreshed and happy. There is just something about sisterhood. So thankful for all of them. The in-laws and the ones who share my blood. Nothing can replace that person who will cry with you and who will make you laugh when you weren't sure you could anymore.

Those who weren't there were missed.

Love to all of them.

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