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Long time no type! Brief update . . .

The past few months have been so busy for us.

The Babe was hard at work applying to the Airforce and getting ready for MEPS. Finally that is ALL over and he has officially been accepted and passed! Now all that's left is for him to swear in.

Baby boy is growing big! We are measuring two weeks ahead of schedule, which doesn't surprise me since he's supposedly in the 85 percentile for weight.

Above: Our little blessing . . . Little G!

We have officially decided that just before Christmas, we will be moving back home for a short period of time. It's a strange feeling all this change. We have waited for all of this for so long and worked so hard and here we are a little less than two months away from leaving all we've known for the last two years and starting to prepare for our serious adult lives. We will be done with school, expecting a child very soon, and moving heaven knows where for The Babe's job.

We both love change. But all this change is so big! So many big things all at once! It sort of seems a little intimidating this time. Though, that doesn't put a damper on my excitement at all! The frustrating part about things like this is that we can't really prepare yet. For anything! No sense in preparing for Christmas because we are moving. Not much we can do to prepare for Little G because we are moving. Nothing we can do to prepare for the move after The Babe gets back from OTC because we don't yet know where or when we are going to be stationed. Which, all may seem like common sense, but for me it is so difficult! I am a planner through and through and a thorough one at that! I do NOT like to prepare at the last minute.

Speaking of preparations . . . we survived our first hurricane! More like ran away like little babies. Haha. The Babe and I didn't want to stick around for hurricane Matthew and all the aftermath. After all, we are north westerners! We don't know much about hurricanes and what not. So, we took advantage of the 5 day weekend and went to see my sister and her family. They were so kind to let us stay for so long on such short notice. It was such a breath of fresh air to see them! And our little Capri turned 2 on our little trip! Can't believe how fast time has flown. She's gotten so well behaved and never stops being adorable (at least for me).

L: Capri on her 2nd birthday!

R: Me in front of some cotton fields. Our drive to my sisters was a scenic one thanks to all the main roads being closed for all those escaping Charleston. So we got to see some fun southern beauty.

Our home was thankfully not effected by the storm. We were SO blessed! The Babe is out today doing some hurricane clean up as I type. He's always so willing to help. <3 I feel helpless in not being able to go due to my frantically changing body. But there will always be other ways to help someone else at another time!

We have also been blessed to have The Babe's mom and her parents in the past week! It is so fun to see them! They are always such a party. Thankfully my 'morning sickness' (or as I like to call it, make-me-sick-all-the-time-and-pick-and-choose-what-food-to-keep-down-sickness) hasn't been super bad and has allowed me to do a lot more with them than I expected!

Above: Grandma, Grandpa, Me, The Babe, and Mamma of The Babe on an awesome creepy historical tour! Learned a lot and had an amazing time with these hooligans!

The past couple weeks I have been running into some pregnancy discouragement. I've been struggling with so much this pregnancy a little earlier than normal, I guess. Which has made it hard to be happy through. Morning sickness has never gone away for me completely - probably thanks to having a crappy non-functioning gallbladder which is worse during pregnancy and makes you feel like sunshine and flowers every waking moment (that was sarcastic if you didn't get that). I'll do okay here and there and then have a few really bad spells. My ribs have been aching since week 16, migraines have welcomed themselves back into my life, ligament pain and sciatic nerve pain are no joke, among other things. Thanks to hormones and my already being an emotional person, the poor Babe has been so good to me. I couldn't be more thankful to him and to all my awesome coworkers who have to listen to me complain and lash out.

Above: Me the moment I realized I can't see my feet anymore . . .

I think it's hard as pregnant women to deal with so much and to feel the need (at least for me, because I've usually a pretty vocal person) to have a brief moment of complaining and maybe some tears only for someone to tell you "oh you just wait" or give you unsolicited advice when all you wanted to do was vent for a minute. But The Babe has been so good to listen to all my groaning and helps me however he can. And I can't leave God out of it, because he gets an ear full.

Despite it all, I can't say I haven't been blessed!! Every time I'm having a hard moment someone or something comes through. God is good. And I have been constantly reminded by many acts of kindness this week that the world is not all bad, there is still good out there.

So, despite my long rant and all my belly aching, I am trying to say how blessed I am. There is always something to look forward to, someone always willing to help, even if that someone is no one but God. Life is hard, but life is good. And I can't wait to show Little G all the goodness.

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