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No Better Man

So, today is a double post. Because I can't let this week go by without giving a shout out to my main man and addressing our four year milestone!

This past Wednesday we celebrated four whole years of marriage! Goodness, time has flown! Looking back we seemed like such babies! But I KNEW The Babe was the one for me and here we are! Not a day goes by that I don't think how thankful I am we found each other.

I married The Babe for so many good reasons. But one reason was that I recognized his potential. On our first date, I thought, this isn't a boy, this is a man! And he is going to do great things! Well, I was right. He has brought so much joy and laughter into my life. He makes me feel safe and loved and thankful every day to have him at my side. It has been so fun these last four years to watch him evolve into the person he is today. It will be equally as fun to watch him for the rest of forever!

The Babe had school on our anniversary so we started the day off with some of his family at the beach! It was a good day except that our poor dog drank to much salt water and scared the crazy out of us by getting super sick for two days! Poor sweet thing.

Despite being super sick while at the beach, she wanted to be in the action. This one loves to swim! We just need to figure out a way to get her to realize that 'you don't need to bite the waves, they are not going to hurt you'. Haha She's such a stinker.

As always, I couldn't let the day go by without documenting . . .

When we got home he left off to school and I had to frantically figure out what to do with Capri since she was very sick and I wasn't sure what to do. Thanks to some family members who knew what to do, she is fine and fully recovered without us having to go to the Vet. Yay!

I drove downtown to meet the fam bam and George for our dinner reservations. He showed up with some roses! Almost made the pregs cry! I don't know how he found time for that between school and everything but lets just say the man won some brownie points!!! I'm a sucker for flowers and a handsome smile.

George had made some reservations for us at a yummy place downtown called Garabaldi's. So good! And that atmosphere was beautiful! I felt very loved and it was definitely a meal for the books.

I can't imagine where I'd be without this man by my side. He is such a strength to me! Someone I don't need, but someone I want. Someone who will go the extra mile for me no matter his own circumstance. I have enjoyed our time together just us, but it will be an amazing thing to watch this man become a father. I wouldn't want to experience this life with anyone less than who he is. He is more than I knew I wanted, more than I thought I deserved, and more than I expected to ever find for myself. He is going places and I can't wait to go with him! Love you forever and ever Babe! Happy four years!!

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