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In With the Old Out With the New

Happy New Year!

Or, at least, almost new year.

(Excuse the pictures. When you're tired and 35 wks pregnant this is as good as it gets.)

It's strange to think that people in other parts of the world

are already getting on with their new exercise routines and dieting habits. It's interesting as humans how motivated we are just by a new number on the calendar. But, hey! Anything to get people doing good things, right?

This past year went by SO SLOW in the making, but so fast looking back. I feel like that's just the way life is now. Every year of my life seems to progress faster and faster. It must be because I get busier and busier. Seriously.

I saw a tradition that I kind of want to start doing with George advertised on FB. Every day you write one good thing that happened on the piece of paper and put it in a jar and then read them every New Years Eve. I think 365 could be a little overwhelming and I don't know how well I'd actually keep up with that, so maybe, like, once a week? That got me thinking about this year. What were all the good things that happened this year?

1. George began his final year of grad. school and graduated! Yahoo!

2. We went to Charleston.

3. We went on a cruise.

4. We figured out what was making me so sick (yay for gallbladders!!!). Which was nice to actually know what was going on.

5. We discovered we are expecting our first born.

6. We visited a part of North Carolina with my sister's family that we had never been to before. And we got to take home delicious apples!!

7. We were able to buy a new car after mine went kaput.

8. We were able to safely leave our home from hurricane Matthew and spend an unexpected weekend with my sister and her family.

9. We had the opportunity to show George's grandparents and his mother around our lovely Savannah.

10. We celebrated 4 fun and challenging years of marriage.

11. George was accepted into the United States Air Force.

12. Capri (our fur baby) turned 2!!

13. We were lucky enough to have parents who came to help move us across the country in which we saw many new states and visited new places.

14. We finally made it back to Utah for a time being!

15. We discovered that George will actually be going into the March COT and that we have currently been assigned to FE Warren Air Force Base not too far from family! (But oh, so cold!!!)

There are obviously so many other good things that happened this year, but it's hard for my pregnant brain to remember them all!

We have been so blessed and have had so many tender mercies, wonderful people in our lives, and so much accomplishment this year.

As we get ready to welcome the new year we look forward to all 2017 has to offer. There is nothing but possibility ahead of us and that is scary and exciting! haha But, most of all, I am thankful to know that I'll be spending this year with my best friend at my side, accepting anything that comes this next year, good or bad.

Here we go!!!

Happy Happy New Year!

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