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Blessing Baby G

On March 12th, we were able to bless Baby G. In our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or "Mormon" as much of the world calls us) we bless babies to give them a name and put their records in the church. And we believe that through the parents faith and the faith of those blessing the child, the things that are said will have an influence on the child's future to help them along this life. 

As George took our son and stood in the circle, placing his hands on his head with the other priesthood holders in our family, some tears made their way to my eyes as the reality and spirituality of the situation fell upon my heart. I felt such a love for my son for being brave enough to come into this world knowing how hard it would be and knowing he would not remember what he knew before. And yet he arrived with this strong spirit, prepared to endure and thrive through this harsh world that sometimes forgets it has a Savior. 

The Babe gave him such a beautiful blessing and then held him up for the congregation to see. My heart was filled with love and a peace knowing that this little man was part of me and part of George and part of God. Three parts and only one third perfect. 

I smiled as I held him in my arms and he slept in his little white outfit. I have a feeling his life is going to be a good one. 

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