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Capri Z Stewart

Once upon a time there was the best dog ever and her name was Capri. This little lady was so loved by our family that it took prayer and months of discussion before we finally decided it was in her best interest to find her a new home.

This decision did not come lightly. She was my whole world before Baby G was born. He was my baby and she was my fur baby. 

There's nothin like puppy love.

The day I put her up for adoption we decided we would post an add on KSL and just see how it goes in twenty four hours. To our surprise (but not really because we realize her value) we had fifteen people contact me about her within ten hours. And then some the next day too before I took her add off the net.

An adorable family came to see her that night and by 11 PM she was spoken for.

The next day I spent some time with her outside and gave her a million kisses and wrote a two page paper about her so they would know what she liked, disliked, what she needed and what her personality was like. Which, to my surprise (I thought I was being too dog-mommy) they really appreciated. 

I handed them her things and they put her in the back of their car and I kissed her goodbye and went in the house before they drove away because I could feel the waterworks starting.

All I can say is that I hope that she knows how much we loved her and I hope she doesn't stare out the window and wonder why we abandoned her or think she did something wrong. 

I still feel uneasy about our decision to give her away. I'm not sure it was the right choice for me. But for her I like to think that it was. I still cry myself to sleep about her sometimes because that's what happens when you live far away from family and your husband is way busy with school and the only real friend you have for a long time is your furry one. Crazy as you may think I am I loved her with all of me and I'll miss her every day and worry about how she is. Her paws left a big old print on my puppy-lovin' heart.

Some think "Really? She's just a dog." Well, that may be the case to you but to me she was way way more than that. 

Love you forever baby girl. ❤🐾 

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