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It's the End of the World As We Know It

On February 11th, The Babe signed our lives away. Quite literally. 

We had been waiting for this day for a long time and finally here it was and I couldn't help myself from glaring at the pen as he signed the Air Force commission papers.

It's crazy how your life can be completely altered in a matter of seconds, some paper, and some ink. 

It was a weird five minutes as we sat and watched as he raised his arm to the square and repeated an oath to be loyal to the Air Force and the United States. What about me? I thought to myself.

Some thoughts than ran through my head:

"Great now he's married to the government and I'm the mistress ... Oh my gosh I am so proud of him I know he has wanted this for so long ... Crap this is real ... Wait, is this real? ... Don't cry, don't cry ... Except maybe I can because I can still blame it on hormones and sleep exhaustion ... I wonder where we are going to live ... I wonder how much I will be living alone in our new house ... Our child is officially a military brat, congratulations Baby G ... finally some promise that we are going to be okay financially ... I am so thankful for my freedom ... good thing he finished school first ... my arm is tired, can someone please hold my child while I process this? ..." and so on. I was obviously overwhelmed and a little resentful.

But things have changed. I love The Babe all the more for his sacrifice and his determination to serve his country in his own way and to provide for our family. 

I have realized this is going to be so good for our family. It gives us missionary opportunities, job security (we'll sort of), financial help, I get to travel around like I've always wanted to, and I am so glad The Babe is finally a part of something that will make him feel rewarded and where he can exercise his natural born talent for leadership. 

Two things I always swore I'd never do: 

1. Have children.

2. Be a military wife.

HA! Yeah right. I happened to do both of those things in less than a month. 👌🏻 

But, regardless of everything, we are excited to get our real adult lives started and see where the wind (and the Lord) takes us.

Congrats Lt. Stewart. Time to prepare for the hard stuff! Officer Training here he comes! 

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