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So . . . This is my mum. 

Here she is holding Baby G. 

She needs a huge shout out of appreciation and praise. 

The Babe and I have been living with my gracious parents since we left GA as we have been in transition with the Air Force. They have been so kind as to even let us bring out hairy dog into their home (even though we ended up having to re-home her . . . Sad day). 

Both parents have taken care of us since we arrived (me super pregnant and hormonal and The Babe super worried about providing and commissioning). 

I am so blessed to have amazing parents and parents-in-law. But my mother has been there 24/7. Especially since Baby G was born. She was my birth coach. She brushed my hair and made me soup when I got mastitis. She doted on me and Baby G every day for six weeks until I got approved to be normal and do even simple things like lifting heavy loads of laundry and vacuuming. She goes to every doctor appointment with me to help me understand things and not forget things to discuss. She holds Baby G for me when I need a break or when he won't chill and I need to get something done. Or when she still has a plate of food but holds Baby G so I can eat real quick. She takes me places just to get me out of the house and will babysit on a whim so The Babe and I can go out or so I can go see my friends.

I don't know what I'm going to do without her to help me with Baby G and understand what he is trying to tell me, or when I really need to do something for our military life and he won't let me put him down. Or when I just need to take a shower or put a load of clothes away. Or even just when i need five minutes to breath and feel human.

Thanks mom for being an amazing mother, grandmother, mentor, counselor, friend, and so much more. Love you so!


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