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Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!

Today on the drive to church I was looking out at the snow on the mountains and the blossoms on the trees and all the beauty God has created. Despite all this beauty, I couldn't help but think that it didn't feel like Easter. The Babe isn't home from officer training yet. A few more weeks to go 🙏🏻. We didn't do any jelly bean hunt with my dad (tradition), and I am sleep deprived due to Baby G's current. Growth spurt (his suit today was size six mon 😳). I have been dealing with some postpartum and missing The Babe and between the two and sleep deprivation And some other life stresses I just wasn't feelin' it. 

But as I sat in the pew, surrounded by family (because it was my nieces -pretty much my little sister- farewell today (meaning she is leaving on a religious mission this week to Berlin, Germany) I took a deep breath and between the hymns and the primary children singing Gethsemane (you can find the song here:  ) and the speakers (one of which was a return missionary and the other my niece) my heart began to swell.

Somehow between all my stress and worry and weariness, my heavy heart was made light. Thankfully, because of Jesus Christ, we can all be made this way. My niece talked of laying down our burdens at His feet. Christ already suffered for all our sins, sicknesses, sadnesses, worries, everything! All He asks us to do is to lay our burdens at His feet and come follow Him. 

I thought, I can do that. I don't want to feel this way. I want to feel Christ's love in my life, I want to enjoy this Easter Sabbath. I want to enjoy this first Easter with my son in knowing his father is far away working hard to provide for our family. So, I took another deep breath and let the spirit of the Lord work its magic (not really magic, just a figure of speech). 

Tears brimmed my eyes multiple times throughout the meeting and I felt so loved and so understood by my Father in Heaven and so much peace. As I walked out of the meeting and into the sunlight I couldnt believe the lightness I felt in my heart just from one hour of  hearing Gods word. 

I believe in Christ. I am thankful for his suffering in Gethsemane and his sacrifice on the cross. But I am so so thankful to know this sunny Easter Day that He lives! He rose from the dead on the third day. He paved the way for us to become like Him and to someday return to our Father in Heaven and live forever in peace and love. 

I am so thankful to have the opportunity to raise one of Gods children - that He has entrusted Baby G in our care to teach him these things and to help him to grow to know Jesus Christ. 

Happy Easter everyone. 🐰 

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