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The Babe at COT

A lot of people have been asking me about The Babe and how he is doing and whatnot. So, I decided to make a post about his current ongoings to satisfy the greater population.

The Babe looking obviously very thrilled and full of energy. 😜

He is currently at COT (commissioned officer training) and is doing great! He's had it a little rough, but so has everyone else at Officer Training. It's a mind game. And he was wanrned about it before hand but there's only so much prepping you can really do. 

He has been doing well on his tests and has one more PT test tomorrow and then he's pretty much done with tests! Yahoo! He graduates next week and I get to see him on Wednesday night and I couldn't be more excited! 

I spoke with him this evening and he informed me he was made Flight Leader (in the AF your group is a flight and your squadron is made up of multiple flights as compared to a unit which is army speak). He says it's stressful. Haha He gets to yell the commands while marching in his flight formation. Which will be fun to see because ive never seen that side of him so it's a little hard for me to imagine. 

He has also been set as a part of the color guard and gets to march all fancy while carrying a shiny gun. 😮😜 He was excited about that. He said, "Yup, I'm gonna be front and center during the parade on Thursday . . ." He was not thrilled about that part - or so it seemed. 😏 

We have missed each other a lot! He has been gone almost a month. I have been trying to stay busy and distracted and it has gone by slow in the moment and relatively fast looking back. 

The Babe is worried Baby G won't remember who he is. I had his call on speaker phone the other night and when Baby G heard his voice he started looking around for his Dada. So I'm pretty sure that's a nonissue. But he has grown and changed and despite the videos and photos it will be quite a shock for The Babe to see him so big and alert and talkative. 

Baby G looking so adorable next to his bunny for Easter. Almost three months. 😍

This has been a good experience for us both. We have learned and grown so much already. We are excited and anxious to get to our duty station and quickly as possible after graduation so as to get our real adult lives started! We are excited about heading out to Cali. It will be an adventure for sure!

Well he's got one more week and then it's graduation week! I couldn't be more proud of him. He has been working so hard to be successful and we have been so blessed by the Lord in all things. We owe all our success to Him. He has constantly watched out for us and paved the way to where we need to be. 

Love you Babe! Keep up the good work! Almost done!! 

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