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Movin' On In

Baby G on the hotel bed ( I'm done with hotels for a while I think).

Sooooo it took us almost exactly one week to find a place to live in Cali.  Thank goodness the AF gave The Babe some time off to house hunt. 🙏🏻  But by some unlikely source we decided to go look at just one more place.  I randomly looked up apartments in the area we were driving and found our apartments.  It just so happens we got the last apartment up for rent.  Things just so happened to work out and before we knew it, BAM we had an apartment.Okay so maybe things didn't work out that smoothly in real life, but pretty much.  Can't complain.

That is, until we moved in . . .

There were two big projects for our church the day we moved in and we couldn't find anyone to hire who would just unload us.  So, we ended up moving ourselves in.  My parents were there to help thankfully and my relative just so happened to be in town that day so he came and helped us with the big stuff.  Needless to say we got a good workout and ate a big lunch.

After we moved in that's when it all started . . . the closet supports broke in our master bedroom because someone did a cheap job of building it (yay for apartment living!), our AC wasn't working and no one could come for another week (yay because the temp hit the 90s 😱), and we couldn't fit our couch through the door so we had to sell or beloved couch and buy a not as awesome but really cute and retro new one. 

But, life is good and God always helps when you ask and do your best.  An AC guy just so happened to be in the area this past weekend so he got us in and came to our rescue.  We survived a week without a closet and now the repairman showed up today to take care of it (thank heaven, I'm tired of living in, or of, and around boxes), and we were able to sell our old couch and pay for a new one.  So, it all worked out in the end.  It always does somehow. Tender mercies. ☺️

Baby G happy to be out of the car and in California!

California is great. We are loving it this far. The heat is like GA but without the humidity.  So in my opinion is that much more bearable.  We are so lucky we are getting to see lots of this beautiful world God created.

So far we have decided the weather is nice, the area is nice, the people are nice, the apartment is preeeeetty nice. So, ya know, it's nice! 

Playing while mamma unpacks some more.

We definitely miss a lot about Savannah and a lot of people, but we must go where the wind takes us and enjoy it while it lasts! 

We are thankful to be here and happy and safe and privileged to have a roof over hour heads.

Happy Moving! (Yes, weeks later and I still have boxes 😶).

Later gator. 

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