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Tahoe and Old Sacramento

We've only been here for almost a month now and have been able to see a few things here and there.  Exploring Sacramento all on foot is doable.  But, let me tell ya, it's going to give you an excuse to get a foot massage the next day.  We started at Midtown and made our way to the Capital Building and then over to Old Sacramento and back again. Needless to say I'll never do it again. Especially with a baby who will only lay in the stroller half the time and wants to be held the rest of the time.  Haha

I was pretty excited about the orange trees so of course we had to stop and take a picture.

Midtown wasn't very exciting but maybe that is because we couldnt find any cool shops to snoop around in.  We are used to Savannah with all its history and old buildings and food and shops.  Although there is some pretty yummy food in Sacramento if you know where to look.  Almost everything is farm-to-fork too which means it's all purchased from local farms  to feed to the consumers (my stomach). 

The Capital building is beautiful inside and out. I never got a good picture of the outside because life happened and I was never able to.  But if you ever get the chance I'd suggest going at least once.  I've also heard it's cool to see at night all lit up but we have yet to experience that.

We ate at a really yummy Asian restaurant whose name escapes me but it was delicious!  And they had random extras of what we ordered so we got two meals for the price of one! 

Old Sacramento was interesting.  Lots of old western stuff and good ice cream.  There are a lot of fun tours you can do and a few old trains. We enjoyed walking around.  I really want to go back and eat at this place called Ten22.  I've heared it's a good one. 

A few weeks later we had the opportunity to make it up to Lake Tahoe.  It is a nostalgic place for me.  When I was younger my family took a trip there for vacation.  I remember having a blast and loving every minute.  I've always wanted to go back and was excited when we had the chance. 

It was chillier than I thought it'd be.  I forgot that we were so high in elevation and all that.  We came prepared to swim and ended up eating at a local beach bar and grill and going on the board walk.  We got a little frustrated trying to go see the Vikingsholm and Emerald Bay.  But parking was a joke and we were tired and Baby G was sick of driving.  So we ended up on this lovely shore just taking in the view.

A local told us about this place called Fallen Leaf Lake.  It's not too far from South Lake Tahoe.  Only about a five minute drive to the campground and then about ten to twenty minutes through some rough terrain via car to get to this waterfall whose name escapes me.  It made the trip worth it.  Baby G kept looking around.  He loves being outside.

I was counting my blessings watching The Babe and Baby G interact.  Each of them was happy to be outside and to have some "male bonding." 

This is a little pond just a short walk up from the falls.  It was peaceful and gorgeous. The Babe and I have been longing for some fresh mountain air for almost three years now, so we were happy to be surrounded by them.  The snow caps almost made it feel like home.  

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