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Sharing the Pants

It is a funny thing - being a parent.  There is so much muchness that goes into it all.  So many emotions and thoughts and silly little things that don't seem so silly at the moment.  Things that also sometimes don't seem silly at all and then are soon after or even years later.

I laughed inwardly at myself today as my insides swelled with pride as my son (woah, MY son!  Four months later and it's STILL sinking in) wrapped his tiny little hand around his keys. My eyes brimmed with tears as I looked down at him and whispered "I love you so much."  I wrestled with self control and frustration as I lifted Baby G in front of my face and firmly stated "What do you want from me?" and he squealed and smiled at my angry face that could only melt my hardened heart.

I am a mother in many means of the word including the literal.  When The Babe is away for work (duty calls) I occasionally have to fill his shoes.  But that is a hard thing.  Because biologically, chemically, and emotionally, I will never be a father.  In all those senses, it is nearly an impossible thing to do.  I am the matriarch of our home and the patriarch is The Babe.  He will always be so, even when he is away.  

Today is Fathers Day.  I am so blessed to have multiple fathers - in different respects - in my life. They are irreplaceable and loved so unconditionally.  I am so thankful that they each have done their part to carry their families at times and support their children and respect and love their wives.  It has been through their examples that I can imagine a small fraction of the love God has for me and for each person in this earth.  We are each blessed by Him in so many ways.  He is truest the ultimate father who loves us for who we are no matter what.

I am thankful that I have The Babe around to be a father to Baby G.  I know of many women that do not have that privilege for their children.  My heart goes out to the mothers and fathers who wear both pant legs in their homes. It is not an easy task. 

Being a parent is a funny thing.  It is rewarding, terrifying, joyous, wonderous, humbling, spiritual, hard and the second best decision I ever made.  But I have to admit, I couldn't do it without this man (see picture below).  He is my home.  And he is an amazing father.  Happy Fathers Day. ❤️

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