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Pre TDY Vacation

The Babe is heading out on TDY soon (Temporary Duty Assignment) and so we obviously couldn't pass up the opportunity to head south to San Diego once it was in front of us.  We desperately needed a vacation and so off we went!  I was feeling blessed because I know many spouses don't get the opportunity to spend time with one another like that before they have to split for a while. 

I have been to the San Diego Zoo but it has been years.  We were able to go for an evening which turned out to be quite pleasant.  I was happily surprised to see the flamingos of my childhood were still there at the front entrance.  So, naturally, we had to document it.

We also made an effort to head over to Universal Studios in Hollywood.  I haven't been there in years so I was excited.  Especially since last time we went to Universal I was seven months pregnant and couldn't ride anything but Men in Black and E.T.  Let me tell ya, Jurassic Park was calling my name.  The Harry Potter rides were also fun to experience but the ride in the castle was almost too much for this mamma.  I'm getting old.😅

The Babe and Ashley were enjoying being potter heads as I was off taking care of Baby G.  These two are peas in a pod.

Baby G was a VERY good sport so it made even more worth while.  He constantly surprises me at how easy going he is.  Thank the heavens.  

Here's to the day he gets his first letter.

There is this beach that I saw at a lookout point while on a trip with my parents once.  It's called Swami.  It looked so beautiful I knew one day I'd have to go.  So, we made the effort to head that way and while it was beautiful, surrounded by cliffs and palm trees, there was also A LOT of seaweed. 😬 Yuck. Haha Seaweed is not my friend.  So, after a half hour of battling the long green stuff, we left to find Mission Beach.  There we watched the sunset and enjoyed body surfing.  Although I am not quite over my fear of water yet, so all I'm going to say is - poor The Babe. 😅 I held his hand for dear life. 

I was sad I didn't get a picture of Swami before we departed.  Baby G was stressing me out way too much to even think about it.  Sand and babies = 😵 We will have to learn some beach baby hacks before we go again.  It was just a LITTLE rough. 🤦🏼‍♀️

We had also spent a good chunk of the day at La Jolla Beach examining the seals and watching the waves crash onto the rocks.  It was an adventure for sure.  The seals were fun to see and I definately won't be etching the smell out of my brain any time soon. 😝

Baby G enjoyed sitting in the waves on the shore.  He giggled every time a wave would come at him.  This boy loves the water - unless it's on his face. 

It was a vacation for the books.  Lots of firsts.  Lots of memories.  

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