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Seasons of Change

I must admit I was extremely incapable of coming up with a title that wasn't cheesy.  So, there ya go.

Fall is amazing.  Seriously.  I have not experienced a Utah fall in three years and boy oh boy am I lucky to have been here for the beginning of it.  The mornings and evenings are chillier, the sun is out but there is a crispy-ness to the air that just nips at your skin enough to cool you off.  Enough to wear a sweater or those skinny jeans that have been in the drawer all summer.

The mountains are alive with the sound of music . . . HA! Just kidding, they are alive, though.  With the amazing changing colors of he leaves!! I can't get enough and I am shocked all over again every time I look up at the mountains to see splashes of red, orange and yellow across the terrain.  It seriously speaks to my soul.

But more than that; it brings about a change.  I LOVE that about the four seasons.  I welcome change with open arms.  It can be difficult but it is refreshing and exciting and full of possibilities.  I am so blessed to have lived in a place where there are seasons and where I have been taught to welcome the different seasons of my life. 

I am getting used to this one though.  Some women just exude motherhood.  I am one that does not.  I am one, but I am not in any way mentally made for this.  Somehow, though, I find myself lost in it at times, thuroughly enjoying all the crying, the drooling and all the exhaustion.  Because it is what follows.  Growth, million dollar smiles, kisses, snuggles, and the cutest little giggles ever heard. 

So, today I'll welcome the change that is coming, breath in the crisp fall air, walk home amidst the paintbrushed mountains, hold my little one and thank God for the seasons of my life. 

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