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Life and Better Life

What will people remember about you before you die?  The giant question I've always been afraid to answer.  Not for fear that I've been unkind or unreasonable.  But there are a handful of things I'd rather be remembered for and plenty things I'd rather not be remembered for.   

Life is a fragile thing.  Something that ebbs and flows between life and death (or as I like to refer to it: life and even better life); between the passing of each strand and moment in time.

It's hard to define the meaning of your life.  Unless you know that you are a child of God, you are here to help others make it back to our Father in Heaven, and you know you must try your best because you are worth your best effort.

But sometimes our best effort seems to hard to reach or we don't even realize what our "best" is in the first place.  

Life is the little things.

Then again, it's the big things, too.  Every moment can yield something great if we allow it to.  But life is also distracting.  It distracts us from what really matters.  Then even more harshly it reminds us what truely matters with the flick of a minute. 

I've been trying to do things better in my life.  I've been trying to be a better wife.  A better friend.  A better Christian.  To waste time less.  To find time to be inspired.  To really pay attention to God and what He is trying to tell me.

But.  Like I said.  Life is distracting.  

It is also beautiful.  Every small, big, sad, happy, rainy, sunny moment is worth more than we can imagine.  We fought to get here because we wanted the end game.  So if this is the only way to become better, then so be it.  I'll admit I'm not perfect and act on those things that will make up for my mistakes.

Because life is short.  Life is beautiful.  And I, for one, don't want to miss even one minute. 

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