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Home is Where the Heart is...and Mine is Coming Home

There is something about coming home.  But then there is also something about leaving.  There is always the joy of being in your own place once more, of having a place for everything and everything in its place.  A sort of calmness that comes with running your own home.

There is also the part when you say goodbye.  Or, rather, see you soon.  Because if you have anything to say about it it definitely won't be the last time you're laughing and talking face to face.  Then there is that ache you get inside your chest when you realize this is it.  You will get in the car and drive to the airport and then what?  A month?  A year?  Who knows? Life just keeps moving.

I thank my lucky stars that I have a home to come back to and a home to say goodbye to.  I am thankful I have family and friends who love me and who allow me to love them in return.  I am thankful I have the means to see them as often as I do (even though I'm not always the best at keeping up with everyone).  I am thankful I have had the opportunity to lay on the back lawn and listen to the trees blowing in the wind.  I am thankful I experienced an it of fall; something I've not done in years

I am thankful I have a place I can always run to if need be.  A place where I know I am safe and will be welcomed with open arms. 

And as hard as it is to get on the plane and wave goodbye to the home below, it is also encouraging to turn your head forward and see what is ahead.  As much as I'll miss family and friends, there is one person I've missed more than anyone and that is my best friend.  Thankfully The Babe gets home soon and it is knowing this that eases the pain of saying goodbye to everyone here. 

Six weeks goes by fast.  Time waits for no man.  But, then, if it did, moments wouldn't be as special and fleeting.  People wouldn't be missed as much and motivation would be irrelevant.  I've got six good weeks in my memory bank full of love and laughter, and even a few years.  

So, I'll take those memories.  I'll take those promises of seeing each other soon.  I'll take what I can get and run with it.  I'll run with it all the way back to my own place.  Because home is where the heart is, and mine is coming home. 

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