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The Never Ending Story

There is one day in my life so far I can describe as the happiest day of my life.  I could live that day over and over again.  I've never had any other day where I was utterly and blissfully happy for a full  twenty four hours.  Cloud nine my foot.  More like cloud one hundred.

Five years ago today, at this very moment, I was sitting in my parents dining room feeling slightly overwhelmed.  My entire life was about to change.  Permanently.  My sister did my hair and makeup the way we practiced while my maid of honor shoved strawberries and little pieces of toast in my mouth and trying to tell me I needed to eat something. But my brain wasn't having it.  I had taken two melatonin and gotten almost no sleep.  I tried to smile and go with the flow, but my stomach was in knots. 

We were late.  Fifteen minutes late to be exact.  I was told the other party was beginning to think I wasn't coming.  But, of course I was!  I would always come for him.

We stepped in through the peaceful doors of the temple and there he was.  Sitting there in a suit, looking as handsome as ever.  A smile broke out across his lips and all those knots and butterflies went away.  I felt utterly at peace.  I was home. 

The ceremony was perfect.  I'll never forget the things I experienced there.  Then we were walking outside hand in hand, crowd cheering.  Mr. And Mrs. The Babe.  

I couldn't eat anything all day.  Food didn't appeal to me beyond all the excitement and lack of sleep.  The line was long, but family and friends are important to us and I remember almost every face.  I was so happy I could have floated away, but The Babe held my hand and kept me grounded to the earth. 

The rest was a blur.  My sisters had planned a flash dance, my father and I had one of our own, and then it was our turn.  I remember being dipped.  Not much more than that, though.  I tried to shove the cheesecake in his face, but he got brownie all over mine before I could achieve much.

The Babe didn't know he was supposed to get the garter with his teeth.  He was thuroughly embarrassed that he would have to do that in front of everyone and his mom was egging him on (good job, Mamma S).   Then the bouquet.  Then, dancing.  We wanted a party - and that's exactly what we got.

I didn't know if I could make it to the car.  What with having not eaten hardly anything all day and not sleeping. Plus, all the smiling! Lots and lots of smiling.

Somehow I made my way through the giant rows of people and bubbles with The Babe to the car.  Driving away left me with a weird feeling. It was strange leaving everything I knew behind, the comfort of my parents home, my old self.  I waved out the window and then turned around and smiled at The Babe.  His hand felt warm in mine and I took a sip of Coca-cola and felt my nerves finally start to settle. 

After months of dating and planning and whirlwind decisions.  After a time of wondering if he was ever looking at the same moon or passing me on the street, I had found him.  And he found me.  We found each other. 

As we drove up the canyon, fall colors surrounding us in blurs out the window, he kissed the top of my hand and I had the overwhelming sense that I was home and that my greatest adventure had begun.   

(We look so little!)

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