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Hey There

Well, it’s been almost a year since I’ve blogged. Wowee, that went by so fast in retrospect! But sometimes extremely slow in the thick of it. Especially last winter when it rained and rained and I had a one year old to entertain in our apartment.

Now he has a little back yard with weeds for grass and some sand to dig in. I can’t complain. Life is good.

We moved into a house closer to The Babes work in the summer. We haven’t ever had a house before and have never had a yard, so there is a lot of learning and growth that has taken place since we’ve moved here. As well as a sort of filling out, since we’ve only ever lived in apartments. We had to get a few things. Slowly it’s starting to feel like home.

The day we moved in I ran up and down and through the house with my arms spread wide, squealing in delight at all the space. The movers chuckled at me and The Babe smiled and laughed at my enthusiasm, but I was too happy to care.

G loves it, too. I can tell. He’s more content to have all this space. I think we all are. 

It’s also given me time and space to find a hobby! Shortly after G was born, I realized how much I loved to fix up and refurbish old furniture. My mom worked with crafts and wood projects growing up. She’s an awesome DIY-er. So, I guess it was no surprise that I picked it up. But, I’ve done a bunch of furniture in our house and I’m kind of addicted. A blog on that is soon to follow if I can get my life together. 😅🤪

Living closer to The Babes work has given me the opportunity to dive into Militairy life and I’ve discovered I kind of like it. There are pros and cons (because there always are), but I’ve learned to be adaptable and dive in full body. None of that feet first nonsense. You kind of have to after moving four times in less than six years and joining the militairy. It’s part of relocation survival one-oh-one. 

I’ve discovered a lot in the past two years. I LOVE being a “mummy” (as my toddler would say it). I love being involved in the community. And I get antsy when I’m not going. I am a doer. So, living in the middle of everywhere/nowhere makes it so I have to get a little creative sometimes. 

Also, we bought a truck! Yahoo! We’re in love. It’s old, but new to us. G likes riding in it, too, because he can see out the entire back window.

We also took a trip to So Cal and back home a few times. This year has been a handful of things. The Babe and I figured it’s been about one big thing every month so far that’s kept us busy. The move being a big one. (Even though we only moved an hour away.) 😅

Life is great! G is full of (as other people tell me often) energy! I prefer to say he’s full of life. 😊 He has us for parents, though, so we’re not surprised. It’s in his blood. 😀 

We are looking forward to some more family time coming up and the holidays.  It’s finally cooled down to the 80s and 70s here. Thank the heavens! 

Until next time. 

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