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October at Anseong Farmland

I know I’ve talked about Anseong Farmland before. It’s just such a good outdoors place for families and couples. We go there frequently enough it’s no surprise it’s making its way to the blog.

We grew up with farmland around. My parents raised cows. We would go to Cornbellys and Heehaws every fall for the corn mazes and petting zoos. We found ourselves craving a little bit of that fall farm life. Not to mention we were hoping to catch the Muhly Grass in full bloom this year. That was the main motivation for our trip out there again. It’s been on my list since last fall.

Last year we had JUST missed it by a week. It was still beautiful and very faintly pink. But nothing compared to the deep rich color When it’s in it’s prime.

This time, though, we started with a horse ride for G. We hadn’t done it before and decided it was time. He was enthusiastic about it, which surprised me because he’s usually very cautious. I guess it’s one more sign my baby is growing up! The Babe planned to ride a horse as well but it was a small horse led around in a small circle a few times. As a little more experienced of a rider, he decided it wasn’t worth it. It was perfect for kids, though and definitely worth the few thousand won. Afterward we fed carrots to the horses in the sable and trotted down to the motorized surrey bikes.

We planned on trying the race track, but decided against it for the sake of time. But it seems worth the $40 it would be for all four of us to ride them together. Maybe next time. We did, however hop on a surrey bike to get around the farm quicker with littles and see the flower fields and Muhly Grass.

The day was a tad on the hot side when you were in full sun, but with the wind whipping us as we sped over the hills we felt refreshed and the kiddos had giant smiles on their faces. We came up over the crest of the hill and the view was so stunning.

Everything was so vibrant and awake. Between the faint crispness in the air, the autumn sun and all the foliage I was in my happy place. We didn’t have as much as I wanted to take seeing it all. I could walk slowly around the fields for hours. But G didn't care about the plants and just wanted to ride the bike. We also had to have the surrey back at the 30 minute mark, so we took pictures and breathed in as much as we could before heading back to check in.

The Babe and G were more excited about the animals. We got our fill in with petting rabbits, gots and sheep. The cows were hungry and weren’t much in the mood to be bothered by the likes of us land our feed-less hands.

We stopped by to see the birds before heading out but they weren’t much for playing either. I think everybody was tired at the end of the day, including the animals.

As we walked out I smiled to myself and felt overwhelming joy that we are so blessed. To have the experiences we do and give our children those same experiences. Even if it’s something small like riding a horse for two minutes or feeling the crisp autumn wind on my face as we coast down a hill my toddler thinks he’s navigating. You could say it’s an unrealized dream come true.

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