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Charleston's Calling

Since we moved out to the South East coast, Charleston has been calling my name. It took about one year and some proper motivation, but The Babe came around to the idea of taking me to that beloved place! Be prepared for a plethera of photos . . . Also, excuse the mane atop my head. The humidity has begun to set in and my hair has tried so far to refuse to do anything but frizz and natural wave.

Charelston has been around for about as long as Savannah has. They both offer a lot as far as history, artistic flair and charm. Therefore, the two cities ar at odds with one another to be "the best." Some say it's Savannah, others - Charleston. I can't say which I like better. Each one holds a piece of my hart for different reasons. In Charleston, though, The Babe liked that we felt safer and it was a lot cleaner. It didn't seem to be as focused on drinking, which we appreciated since we don't drink.

The first thing we did was lunch. We palanned on arriving in Charleston around 10:30 AM but we decided to sleep in for once of which we feel zero guilt. After wandering around for about a half hour we settled upon Poogans Smokehouse in Bay Street. To save money we split some pulled pork with baked beans and pickles. I highly reccommend this place. The atmosphere is rustic and charming, the food mouth watering. But, honestly, I think I could drink their house BBQ sauce. Needless to say, we were lip-smackin-happy!

After lunch we decided to take a walk around and explore. There are so many places to see and so many things to do in Charelston. George and I solely stuck to stuffing our faces since I can't go that long without eating and we were short on money as it is. Thankfully there are so many free things to see. You can spend a whole day (or more in my oppinion) walking around historic district and seeing all the amazing architecture and whatnot.

A great place to walk around is the Waterfront Park. There are awesome fountains and squres, not to mention the pier with its cute bench swings and the smell of salt water. It was a little cold that day and the wind was abundant on the waterfront. So, please excuse the hair. It has a mind of it's own.

<<< The famous Pineapple fountain neer the pier. The Babe looked too handsome in this photo. I was so thankful he took the whole day off froom his homework to be with me in Charleston. He saccrificed sleep to make this dream come true. He stayes up late to do homework in order to spend some time with me on the weekends and I think his efforts go unpraised a little too often.

There were beautiful courtyards and fountains everywhere. Charleston is just pleasing to the eye. End of duscussion >>>>

Due to recent events we have discovered I cannot eat many a certian food. But, The Babe and I couldn't pass up the opportunity when we passed a parlor with the sign that said, "Belgian Gelato." I swiftly took my loves hand in mine and led him into that place just before the crowd followed suit. We got two scoops in a waffle cone - chocolate hazelnut and salted caramel. I kid you not, the BEST cold-creamy-goodness I've ever had! (but, alas, I've never been to Europe, but I can imagine its not too far off!!). The waffle cone was ordered "Belgian style" which meant that it was filled with chocolate and whipped cream. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! As I'm sure my arteries start to cry.

It was well worth two pictures. It looks just as good in black and white as it does in color. We will deffinatley be going back for more. Just let me run a few miles first . . .

Thanks to all my excitement we managed to forget to take a picture of the street our car garage was on which led to us wandering around aimlessly looking for our car. Which, I wish I could say we are so young and in love that we laughed it off and explored until we happened upon it. But, that was not the case at all. It is because we are young and in love that we argued and then made up and laughed about it once we found it. It was a really good humbling learning experience for both of us. The funny but not so funny thing is that we passed it about four times or so. Thankfully for my GPS we were able to narrow down our search and find it. At one point I said, I remember it was by a church. In that moment we looked in all directions and at every corner ther was a steeple. HAHA!

We were lucky enough to be lost in such a gorgeous city, though! Above are photos of a random church we thought looked photo-worthy, "The Hat Man" which, ironically enough, was on my list of things to see that day and we just happened upon it by chance. Also above, the Circular Church and Cemetary. I cannot remember how old the oldest grave was in this particular site, but it was beautiful! Well worth a ten minute look around.

After we found our car, we wandered over back to Bay Street to walk along the water and look at all th houses on Rainbow Row. This was The Babe's favorite house of all. I have to say I think I might agee with him. It was GORGOUS in person and this photo dones't do it much justice. We could imagine ourselves sitting out in the courtyard in our rocking chairs, sea breeze just across the street, sharing peanut butter sandwhiches and kisses. I'm sure Capri would be in there somewhere, probably attempting to eat our food or bark at the passters by. I couldn't imagine owning a home with that much history! The houses on Rainbow Row were all built in a range of dates starting clear back in the 1600s!

^ Rainbow Row. So charming. Such a breath of fresh air.

The old Dock Street Theatre first opened in the 1730s and was the first place to start theatrical performing in America. "Flora" was the first opera seen here in the US and this was the place it was performed. It was not open at the time for touring the inside, although, like a child, I stuck my nose up to the glass to get a look at the lobby. It remindes me of the Capital Theatre in Salt Lake City, except much older and in Southern ways, more charming.

I insisted we delete this picture and try again due to my finger sticking out of The Babes Head. But that is why he liked it. So, I kept it. It's silly how pictures like these will burst a bubble of memories twenty years from now.

We finished off our day with a well deserved dinner before we went home. We walked around aimlessly forever trying to find a good 'local' joint to plop our hungry selves in, but coulndn't find anything that fit our budget. Thankfully I read a few bloggs before we made our Charleston treck and we happened upon this quaint little place on Meeting Street called 'TOAST.' The NY Times credits them for their french toast. They also allow you to pick from breakfast/lunch/dinner meues at dinner, so that was nice. I had been craving fish and something southern, however. They have a menu that fits the need of every mood (so I thought). It's not our first choice or a place we would otherwise be led to, but we were rather happy with our choice and quite honestly just thankful to fill our tummies.

It was a much needed day trip with The Babe. We love adventures and there is never a dull moment with us. Love is hard, but, when it's allowed by both parties, love can be an adventure. And that is precisely what we strive for. Adventure may be out there, but it's also right here, deep in my chest.

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